in Delhi, New Year Party

We stayed in Golden Tulip Bhiwadi on the new year (31st Dec 17 to 1st Jan 18) and would like to highlight issues there during the stay.

Before proceeding, giving a brief background. We also stayed there last year on new year (31st Dec 2016) and arrangements were good and event was happening.

As we had good previous year, we brought more families this year in anticipation of similar or better experience, but this year turned out to be a very bad new year start.

We booked directly this time from the hotel (Jagjeet Singh) by calling them for new year package. We were two families including 3 kids and paid Rs 26000 for the package. It included lunch, evening tea and snacks, dinner and drinks on 31st and brunch on 1st Jan.

It was fine up till evening tea and snacks. But after that the arrangements were very bad. 31st eve program has to be special for such a price, but it was nothing but pathetic. No stage management or time management. Drunk Jaats were dancing on stage and no family games etc could be done. We felt quite unsafe due to presence of so many local gundas.

Below are the other concerns:
1. Dead rat was found in our room
2. Expired packaged drinks were served throughout the event and room service (please check attached image of beer, juice and water bottle).
3. Food served was stale mostly and we all had bad stomach.
4. There was no planning at all for the new year event, there was no stage administration. It was chaos all over. Even the final new year countdown was missed.
5. Unlike last year, menu was pretty short and there were limited options both in main course and desserts.

Next morning was equally bad as Breakfast was also worse. All guests started shouting and screaming.

Even police and media had to called due to this. Local police were also in nexus with hotel management and didn’t do anything.

And manager there (Mr Jitendra Naruka – 7727007502 – admitted the issues and issued us in written that they would be refunding booking amount by 10th Jan (see attached letter given on letterhead).

As we did not received any refund or callback from hotel, we escalated it to Golden Tulip head office in Delhi and sent email to Nupur Chandra (, Mr Shashi Razdan ( and Mr Vimal Singh (<, 9818156055). But the highest office holders also did not replied with anything and said they can’t do anything about their branch.

This is highly unprofessional and unethical on Golden Tulip higher and Bhiwadi management.

I would advise other guest to stay away from this property and chain as they have no sense of hospitality and customer service.

Expired beer served at Golden Tulip Bhiwadi

Expired beer

Expired Juice served at Golden Tulip Bhiwadi

Expired Juice bottle

Expired water served at Golden Tulip Bhiwadi

Expired Drinking water

Refund Commitment Letter by Golden Tulip Bhiwadi

Refund Commitment Letter